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AZ FMA - Insight

 Welcome to the Arizona (AZ) Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) Website. This site contains active FMA players here in sunny Arizona. Whether you are located in the metro Phoenix area or in Northern/Southern Arizona, we will list all active sites but will not recommend any one school over the other. 

AZ FMA - Mission

 To attempt to propogate Filipino Martial Arts in Arizona and the Southwest Region. With the help and support of various FMA independent practitioners, schools and FMA martial art suppliers. Also with friends and acquaintances who are carrying on the FMA tradition in the state of Arizona we'll work in a joint venture to keep the art alive in the southwest. Just as Karate, and other martial arts have entered into the mainstream we have representatives from every walk of life - expressing there love for the Art and Pamilya, Pag Anak meaning Family in Tagalog (Pilipino dialect). This site is devoted to the FMA practitioners in our area trying to keep the Spirit Alive. Send us an email to list your site/school.

AZ FMA - Information / News / Events 

 This section will be updated with information on upcoming events, and news about our brothers & sisters located on this side of the world in the U.S.A. Our training includes Daga (dagger) baston/garrote (stick), and Espada (long bladed weapons), also empty hand / chain of hands, and Baraw (knife) training.

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                                Happy New Year - We Made Another ONE!

  • AZ FMA GATHERING Nov 2nd 2013 at Margaret Hance Park starting at 1000am
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    8th AZ FMA Friendship Gathering

    November 3, 2013 from 11:00am until 5:00pm

    Margaret T. Hance Park
    1134 N. Central Avenue
    Phoenix, AZ 85004


    The 8th AZ FMA Friendship Gathering will feature Master Joe Tan of Modified Tapado, Master Alessandro Ashanti of Full Circle Ashanti Method Martial Arts and Punong Guro Steven Dowd of Arnis Balite.

    Please wear/bring comfortable clothing suitable for working out, mouthpiece, hand/eye/groin protection, training sticks, training dagger and (optional) training sword.

    In lieu of an attendance fee, please bring an item for the potluck lunch. If you have a favorite or specialty item you cook, please bring it to share with everyone!

  • Passing of Grand Master Tony Somera, our Prayers are with him
    and his Family. For
     More info visit the website

Contact Information -  
    Filipino Arts Center
    318 North 5th Avenue
    Phoenix, Arizona


Bahala Na Multi Style Stockton, California

Original Giron Escrima - Vallejo, Ca

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